About Us
Long before we became involved in selling LIKEaBIKEs, we were happy customers ourselves.

Or, to be more precise, it was our son, Josef, who was the happy user and really got to enjoy riding it. When he was about two and a half years old, a German-based Santa Claus went looking for a LIKEaBIKE for him. By early March he was riding on his LIKEaBIKE along the sidewalks of Brooklyn, New York. A walk in the park, which had been such a drag for our son, suddenly became another excellent opportunity for him to fly down the hills, both feet off the ground, taking advantage of gravity in a way no other vehicle for that age group could possibly offer.

In our pre-LIKEaBIKE days, for example, a quick dash to the grocery with our son in tow was often a trying experience÷nothing quick about it at all. It swiftly turned into a welcome chance to get some excitement before dinner.

On these trips we were stopped by curious people in the street over and over again. Moms, dads, children, everyone started asking about this unfamiliar, wonderful-looking little vehicle. When the owners of toy and design stores in our Park Slope neighborhood started running after us to find out where they could get LIKEaBIKEs, we knew then that the VW Beetle was no longer the only cute little German import ready to win hearts in the New World...

We are very proud and excited to have been chosen by KOKUA, the German manufacturer of LIKEaBIKEs, to be their offical distributor.

History of LIKEaBIKE
The Walking Machine
In 1817 Baron von Drais invented a walking machine that would help himget around the royal gardens faster: two same-size in-line wheels, the front one steerable, mounted in a frame which you straddled. The device was propelled by pushing your feet against the ground, thus rolling yourself and the device forward in a sort of gliding walk. The machine became known as the Draisienne or hobby horse. It was made entirely of wood. This enjoyed a short lived popularity as a fad, not being practical for transportation in any other place than a well maintained pathway such as in a park or garden.

Had pneumatic tires been available at the time, it is likely that the invention would have been adopted by a much greater number of riders. LIKEaBIKE utilizes this pioneering idea. With the LIKEaBIKE, children playfully acquire a sense of equilibrium and learn to play whilst acquiring a sense of balance - they will not need a bike with training wheels later on. LIKEaBIKE teaches balance and control at a much earlier age than with traditional pedal bicycles with stabilizing aids."

KOKUA is the manufacturer of the LIKEaBIKE. This German company has been building LIKEaBIKEs since 1997. KOKUA is a company fully devoted to the concept of the run bike or balancing bike. The impressive line-up of models and accessories demonstrates their commitment to continually spearhead the emerging run bike market. KOKUA’s LIKEaBIKEs are considered without a doubt the benchmark, the obvious similarity of certain competitors with KOKUA’s LIKEaBIKE is therefore no accident. KOKUA has distributors on all 5 continents. LIKEaBIKE_USA is proud to be representing this fine company in the US.